Phoenix Group International Hosts 3-Part Training Series w/ 85 Broads

Posted by Steve Flynn on 6/12/13 2:00 PM

Phoenix Group International is excited to partner with 85 Broads Arizona to present a 3-part workshop series on analyzing the dimensions of your DISC profile to most effectively communicate with others and manage your business relationships.

The major objective for this program is to develop a deep understanding of the social styles model. By completing this program, participants will be better able to understand:
  • The differences in dealing with people who have different styles of operating, and adjust your style accordingly for both efficiency and effectiveness
  • The differences in basic communication and influence styles which are fundamental to each person’s style, and adjust your style to work most effectively with others based on their communication and influencing preferences


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Arizona's Centennial: 1912 - 2012

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 2/14/12 1:20 PM

As many of you know, Phoenix Group International is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Today we celebrate Arizona's Centennial!

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