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To stay competitive in today's employment market, hiring superior talent has become a strategic imperative. Every person must actively contribute to the bottom line. There is no room for mistakes. That talent is not typically easy to find or hire. Very often, the best candidates are satisfied in their current jobs and are not looking for a new position. They must be identified and then enticed to leave. Firms need professional recruiters to assist them to find, attract, and hire this highly–qualified and sought-after talent. Regardless of the economy, nothing has changed the basic goal of hiring the best talent.

  • PGI is focused exclusively on your industry.
  • PGI has a broad and deep network of highly qualified candidates with appropriate backgrounds.
  • PGI will save you time and be your representative to the candidate.
  • PGI focuses on the personal approach to the business.
  • PGI screens everyone we present to our clients.
  • PGI acts as an active conduit between you and the candidates.
  • PGI can train and develop your top talent utilizing the latest leadership development strategies.


We invite you to contact us to discuss your recruiting needs, or if you would like more information on the types of career opportunities we currently have available. 

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