New Career Opportunity: Senior Investment Associate (Boston)

Posted by Steve Flynn on 1/5/20 2:49 PM

Our client was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong by a team of capital markets professionals who identified the need for an institutional full-service advisory and execution platform to realize the potential of blockchain technology and digital assets. They have assembled a team comprising over 120 leading capital markets, compliance, and technology professionals across 5 global offices who are addressing the vast opportunity of digital assets across three interlocking pillars; capital markets, advisory and asset management. 

The Senior Investment Associate will be responsible for identifying strategic acquisitions, partnerships, venture investments, and business opportunities and products for our client to pursue. This will be based on insights from long term (three to six month or longer) fundamental research targeted at specific themes (e.g. how smart contracts will reshape financial securities). The expectation is that you will become a global subject matter expert on each topic. 

If you are interested in applying for the position, you can apply to job #324 on our careers website.

What they are looking for:
They are looking for candidates who are natural long-term thinkers who demonstrate a track record throughout their academic and business careers of independence of thought, even in the presence of perceived subject matter experts or in the face events, markets or otherwise, that put severe pressure on one to conform with a traditional view. All exceptional candidates are encouraged to apply. The following may make you a fit:

  • Undergraduate degree from an Ivy League or equivalent University with top honors 
  • 5 years professional experience (venture capital, consulting, private equity, investment banking) 
  • Previous startup experience 
  • Demonstrable track record of long-term research projects producing valuable insights (either through professional experience or academic, e.g. PhD thesis)
  • Exposure to financial services industry (e.g. payments, capital markets, asset management)
  • Skilled at interviewing management level personnel and competent at networking 
  • An understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications, acquired formally or independently. Prior investment in blockchain or cryptocurrencies is not a pre-requisite
  • Insatiable hunger for the truth and the willingness to fight unconventionally hard to convince others of it 
  • Ability to develop conviction and an entrepreneurial mindset to get over analysis paralysis 


  • Fundamental research – identify strategic acquisitions, partnerships, venture investments, and new products or business opportunities
  • Market mapping of competitors, partners, targets, and potential clients 
  • Stay abreast of all market developments
  • Interview management teams and industry experts 
  • Network with industry stakeholders
  • Periodically publish research, the quality of which should be market leading  
  • Present recommendations to management

Preferred Degrees
Bachelor of Science,
Bachelor of Arts,
Bachelor of Business Administration

Preferred Certifications

Preferred Work Status
U.S. Citizen,
U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)

Willingness to Travel

Carried Interest

Stock Options

If you are interested in the position, simply apply to job #324 on our careers website. If you have any questions regarding the role, please contact Steve Flynn at

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