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Posted by Steve Flynn on 8/9/18 6:23 PM

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Our client builds both in-house brands, and acquires and grows brands that reach closer to consumers online. They do this by gathering extraordinary people, utilizing flexible capital and technology to scale companies and solve real problems.

This is a young and ambitious growth fund based in Austin, TX. They focus on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) verticals such as beauty, health, and pet supplies with annual revenues below $10M.

They hire smart, capable, highly adaptable people who have a strong drive. Their culture is very collaborative, hard-working, friendly and flexible.

If you are interested in applying for the position, you can apply to job #285 on our careers website.


Our client is looking for a driven professional to join their group as General Manager for one of their brands. The position is heavily entrepreneurial, resulting in a very steep learning curve, the opportunity to show your maximum potential, and the ability to drive direct impact on thousands of people’s everyday lives on a daily basis.

General Manager:

The General (Operational) Manager’s role is to create rigid systems/controls/workflows for the main operational business units (logistics, Amazon marketing, customer service, etc.), and to manage the execution of those systems by measuring and holding the respective employees accountable.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Develop and establish governance, reporting, and key performance metric structures and controls for all business areas, including marketing, operations and supply chain
  • Improve, systemize, and standardize current business procedures and integrate these into controlling and reporting processes to achieve constant deliverables
  • Coordinate, hold accountable, and lead cross-functional teams of up to 10 freelancers / contractors / agencies in the execution of key business building initiatives such as new product launches, marketing optimization, and distribution channel development
  • Identify and implement pricing initiatives, process excellence initiatives, cost-cutting measures, product return minimization, and risk mitigation
  • Lead and recruit the brand’s team members (primarily virtual assistants, freelancers and contractors) and build out key organizational and human resources processes

Some of the tasks include:


  • Systematize / track and implement (pre-defined) measures to maintain rankings (i.e. how high a product listing “ranks” for a search phrase on Amazon); once systematized, supervise and monitor virtual assistants (VAs) to implement and maintain the rankings and hold the VA’s accountable
  • Supervise and monitor VA / employees ensuring that all Amazon product listings are “clean” (no negative feedback etc.) and systematize and establish reporting for accountability
  • Manage any other unexpected Amazon problems (account suspension, implementing Enhanced Brand Content marketing, adding coupons etc.) and other fires to fight
  • Create new workflows and improve and formalize all existing workflows; ensure they run smoothly and can be tracked and measured easily (for all the core areas such as customer service, marketing / rankings, etc); this includes a better general management infrastructure (think Asana, Basecamp, Slack) to track everything, report, and hold the team accountable to systematic deliverables
  • Hire the VAs or basic team members to action the systems/workflows created and replace them if not performing
  • Establish a tight and simple reporting structure from all workflows and monitor the resulting KPIs very closely each day to catch mistakes
  • Monitor and manage outsourced Amazon marketing teams
  • Synthesize the reports from all department workflows created into one simple weekly overview for the management team, ranked by priority of KPI and simple interface


  • Check stock levels and place reorders/ action reorder system if stock levels are too low based on the amount of sales; improve the reorder workflow
  • Closely monitor reorder system status (from factory to Amazon’s warehouse), e.g. follow up with freight forwarder to anticipate problems and ensure timely delivery
  • Answer escalated customer service manager questions and monitor customer service team performance by improving current workflows and adding a clear reporting structure
  • If product quality problems are identified by customer service, then mediate with supplier and resolve the quality issue
  • Create and overhaul customer service systems and develop key customer satisfaction metrics KPI reporting structure
  • Maintain and put effort into enhancing personal relationships with factories/suppliers


The 3 main skills which the successful candidate must have are the ability to: (1) create workflows/systems/SOPs; (2) create reporting / KPIs / governance structures for the systems; and (3) manage the people executing the systems

  • One to four years’ work experience in general / product / project management, financial or consulting services
  • Bachelor’s Degree in finance, economics, accounting or a quantitative discipline, or experience in the project management, finance or consulting field
  • Ability to communicate top down in a structured manner effectively both orally and in writing
  • Ability and experience to create systems and workflows and to monitor key business processes
  • Strong numerical skills and a data-driven approach to problem-solving
  • Ability to adapt to new challenges in a dynamic and fast-paced environment while managing multiple projects
  • Self-starter who can take initiative, work independently and meet deadlines with minimal oversight
  • Keen attention to details
  • Ability to prioritize deliverables and meet demanding deadlines
  • Strong logical reasoning and analytical skills
  • Ability to work well within a team-oriented environment or individually
  • Willingness to relocate to Austin, TX
  • Previous marketing, consumer and e-commerce experience are a plus

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin or any other category protected by law.

This position has been filled.
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