Career Opportunity: Senior Associate (New York)

Posted by Steve Flynn on 10/20/23 8:37 AM

Our client is a problem-solving institution that addresses urgent societal issues through for-profit, non-profit and legislative action. It was founded to identify and solve societal problems alongside its Members (Nobel prize-winning scientists and activists, entrepreneurs, military and intelligence leaders, etc.) in the form of individual, targeted projects. Past projects have helped launch and scale the first commercial carbon-capture plant, pass legislation to protect the electrical grid from cyber attacks, respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.

The firm’s investment arm undertakes its mission by investing in businesses with the potential to transformatively address societal problems while delivering uncompromising returns to investors. Founding partners include Wall Street legends with a deep expertise in investing.

Current investments

  • a biodegradable plastics alternative with the potential to prevent billions of tons of micro-plastics from poisoning our oceans, rivers, and landfills, 
  • a grid-scale energy storage technology that cleans up waste and helps to bridge humanity towards a renewable energy future, 
  • a breakthrough in fundamental chemistry with the power to improve industries from cancer diagnostics to battery development, 
  • a producer of self-learning AI control systems capable of autonomously operating and dramatically optimizing mission critical industries 
  • a technology company that transforms carbon from the air into diamonds atomically identical to their mined counterparts 
  • an energy approach utilizing a breakthrough in magnet technology to generate net fusion energy 
  • an AI solution to addressing the root cause of metabolic disease

The Role:

This role combines the traditional responsibilities of a financial analyst position with the broader responsibilities of being a part of a small investment team in a quickly growing business. This position will be involved throughout the entire investing process, with areas of responsibility in macro thesis creation, company screening, transaction negotiation and execution, and asset management. Practically, this means working to manage deal flow and conduct deep associated research, writing, and analysis. Such analyses include financial modeling and returns analysis, due diligence review and preparation of investment memoranda, business plan critiques, and the maintenance of databases and organizational resources. The firm prides itself on having a ‘flat culture’ enabling all team members to participate deeply in nearly all aspects of the business. 

The position can be either in NYC or Southern California.


The ideal candidate for this role will be: 

  • To have four to five years of experience;  a combination of 2 years of investment banking and 2 to 3 years of private equity
  • The sector experience is less important than the interest in learning new things
  • Entrepreneurial and a self-starter; someone who takes charge of their career and is happy with a lot of responsibility and independence 
  • Someone who wants to learn the firm’s thoughtful investing style and who is committed to a long-term career in societal impact investing 
  • Strong financial analysis skills including P&L and Cash Flow modeling, returns analysis, DCF analysis, and associated investment math 
  • Experience conducting in-depth, detailed due diligence 
  • Ability to run an investment process without much oversight 
  • An intellectually curious, first-principle thinker with a disregard for the status quo 
  • Interest in a wide variety of industries and business types and ability and willingness to dive deep into an unknown sector. 
  • Humble and uninterested in office politics; understanding that the firm is a fiduciary managing funds, and therefore outcomes of discussions must be viewed through that lens 

Preferred Degrees
Bachelor of Science,
Bachelor of Arts,
Bachelor of Business Administration

Preferred Certifications


Preferred Work Status

U.S. Citizen,
U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)

Willingness to Travel


Carried Interest


Stock Options


If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or applying for the position, please visit job #409 on our careers website.

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