6 Tips to Get You a Response from Employers & Recruiters

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 11/15/12 12:00 PM

Writing a resume requires attention to detail, and making yourself stand out from the crowd.  One part that seems like a simple area of focus is the contact information section. Your contact information is the most important part of your resume, as this is the only means employers have to reach you for an interview.  How can you make your contact information employer friendly?

1)  List your personal contact information instead of your work contact information.  This makes it easier for the employer contact you, and sends a positive message about your professionalism.  Your potential employer would not want to think that you would be looking for other jobs while you are at work.  Make sure your contact information conveys your professionalism without using your work contact details.

2)  Have 2 pages? Include your name and e-mail address on both.  This makes it very easy for an employer to contact you regardless of what part of your resume they are looking at at that moment.  As an example, I had an individual apply for a position recently and their e-mail address was no where on the application, and their voicemail was full.  This individual not only didn't receive my inquiry, but most likely lost out on other jobs prospects as well.

3)  Make your e-mail address professional.  While this might sound simple, many individuals have a personal e-mail address they have used for years, and use that on their applications for professional employment.  Before you send your resume, invest in a free e-mail account and just use your name for the e-mail address (i.e. jane.doe@gmail.com).  This is a much better way to convey your professionalism.

4)  Check your voicemail message.  Make sure that your voicemail is professional.  When you are not looking for a job, your voicemail may be geared toward more personal conversations.  When you are looking for a job, you have to remember that potential recruiters and employers are using this medium to request an interview or potentially to provide you with an offer.

5)  Hyperlink your e-mail address.  This gives employers or recruiters an easy way to click on your e-mail address directly from your resume and send you that request for an interview.

6)  Always include your city or state.  Individuals oftentimes leave out their city and state.  This makes it more difficult for employers to determine where you are located.  They are not sure if you accidentally applied for this position thinking it was in your current city, or may not even call you back because they may not offer relocation for that particular job.

We hope that these tips have been beneficial, and that you will keep these in mind the next time you are updating your resume and looking for a new career opportunity. We invite you to visit our website to view our open opportunities.

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