Resume Series Part #5: Typographical Recommendations

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/18/12 8:02 PM

Welcome to the final blog post of our resume series!  This week, we are discussing typographical recommendations to make sure that employers are seeing all of the information on your resume.  

Keep in mind that how you format your resume to present to your potential employer will also hold quite a bit of weight when employers are reviewing resumes.

Below are typographical recommendations:

  • Select a conservative font, such as Arial or Times Roman

  • Select a font size between 10 and 12 points

  • Your name should be in upper case bold

  • Category topics (Experience, Education and Personal) should be bold and left justified

  • Use a line to separate personal data and the rest of the resume

  • Chronological timeline is left justified and not bold

  • Location of your experience and education is right justified and not bold

  • E-mail address entirely in lower case

  • Use bullets SPARINGLY, or else their overuse can dilute their effectiveness

    We hope you enjoyed our resume blog series!  Interested in discussing career opportunities?  Contact PGI today!

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