Resume Series Part #4: Keywords

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/12/12 9:00 PM

Think about the skills and requirements of the job and determine what key words an employer might be seeking in a resume. As opposed to the traditional resume where we focus on action verbs, the scannable resume must focus on key nouns and phrases that might be used as search terms.

Use terms and familiar industry acronyms. If you are applying for an accounting position, you will need "certified public accountant" as well as "CPA" on your resume. It is wise to use both the abbreviation and write out the skill, task, etc. (i.e. CAD and computer-assisted design). You might consider adding a "key skills" section to your resume that will allow you to use more of the words, phrases and jargon with which employers are more familiar.

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We hope this will help you in revamping your resume for your job search!

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