Phoenix Strategic Performance Launches Human Capital Institute

Posted by Steve Flynn on 2/16/15 12:00 PM

We are excited to announce that our partner, Phoenix Strategic Performance (PSP), has recently launched the Phoenix Strategic Performance Institute. 

The central operating principle for PSP is the strategic organizational alignment of human capital to business outcomes. Therefore, all PSP Institute learning and development is business driven.  The PSP Institute provides human capital development that is aligned with and responsive to organizational business needs.  Since our learning and development is targeted, results are both time efficient and performance effective.  Our approach is:

  • Targeted, highly focused and individually relevant
  • Delivered in a short, highly-efficient format
  • Designed with immediately actionable information to implement

Focused Topics

Track 1: Professional Skills Track

Track 2: 
Communication Skills Track

Track 3: 
Management & Leadership Track

Track 4: Sales & Business Development Track

3-Step Business-Driven Approach to Engaged & Accountable Learning

Using the Phoenix Strategic Performance Assessment Platform, you can determine the following key metrics:  

1.  Targeted, appropriate, competency-based learning that is:

  • Role and assessment specific
  • Timely, efficient and effective 

2.  Accountable and engaged learning tied to ‘timelined’ performance results: 

  • Supported and monitored by the manager
  • Acquired and applied by the employee
  • Monitored for implementation by the PSP Governance Platform

3.  Effective data analytics ensure:

  • Manager and employee accountability for performance
  • Effective learning as part of a continuous, monitored improvement process    

We invite you to learn more about the Phoenix Strategic Performance Institute, and how it can optimize the productivity and efficiency of your human capital.

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