Career Opportunity: General Manager Of Revenue Generation (Phoenix)

Posted by Steve Flynn on 9/2/20 10:13 AM

Our client is seeking a General Manager Of Revenue Generation to join their team in Phoenix, AZ.

This position will lead the business development and revenue generation operations of this high-growth company with a principal focus on Marketing, Sales, Customer Education, and Customer Experience to ensure that the strategic revenue growth goals are met or exceeded. This position will champion the Customer Experience programs to ensure that customer loyalty levels provide a strong contribution to the overall revenue goals. 

This position will provide leadership, training, and team development to the following functions:
1) strategic business development and sales
2) customer education
3) marketing and social media
4) market intelligence
5) customer experience

This position will support the company’s plan to be a desirable place to work and actively support overall company excellence.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit job #349 on our careers website.

Reporting Relationships

  • Report to the President / CEO
  • Direct reports: (Internal) 
    • Director of Sales 
    • Director of Education
    • Community Social Media Associate 
    • Customer Experience (aka Customer Service)
    • Actively collaborates and interacts with:
      • Marketing Agency and eCommerce Sales

Role Responsibilities
The role of the General Manager of Revenue Generation is critical to the continued strategic growth of the current cosmetics brand and new brands to come. 

The role of the General Manager of Revenue Generation is to lead the following functions: 

Lead the efforts of the Professional Sales / Revenue Generation Team to develop long-term sales plan to grow Professional Sales in line with strategic revenue growth goals.

Customer Education
Lead the efforts of the Director of Education and the Regional Education Ambassadors. 

Lead the strategic marketing efforts of the firm to analyze past and present customer sales and customer experience metrics to assist in developing both strategic and tactical marketing campaigns for: 

  • Professional Sales Customers
  • Retail Sales Customers
  • New Product Development Opportunities 

Market Intelligence
Maintain current market intelligence on both the competition and the customer base and develop sales and marketing strategies to maximize customer growth and company profitability.

The General Manager of Revenue Generation:

  • Champions the customer throughout the organization and incorporates a culture of customer excellence in every aspect of the overall team. 
  • Works with the organization’s customers to continually understand, define and then refine the customer base to ensure continual customer delight and loyalty. 
  • Gathers customer demographic and market segment data, analyzes customer feedback, and then designs specific practices that can be implemented for the customers’ benefit while simultaneously improving and protecting the company’s profits.

Social Media

  • Lead the social media efforts to ensure that daily activities will continually enhance the brand addressing the voice of the customer.
  • Grow the company’s community.

Customer Experience
Lead the Customer Experience team to ensure that customer excellence metrics are both managed and met for customer loyalty and delight.

Organizationally, this role interacts laterally with: 

  • CFO
  • Organization Development Manager / HR
  • GM, Operations
  • GM, Technology & Infrastructure

Personal Characteristics

  • Self-confident, can-do attitude.  Resourceful and clever.  Proud of what you do.
  • Passionate about working with people and bringing out their best - believes that teams and working together are superior to heroes.
  • A belief system that assumes people want to do good work, and then supports them.
  • Recognizes and demands EXCELLENCE and lives in this environment.
  • Sees abundance and opportunity, not scarcity and restrictions.
  • Strong and respectful communication skills:  presenting, writing, speaking, listening.
  • Positive change and continuous improvement are a way of life.
  • Is positive and is approachable to management and associates.  

Background and Education

  • 4-year degree in relevant Business and / or Marketing courses.
  • Ten years of experience working in cosmetics / beauty care industries / luxury spa
  • Hands-on experience in a senior capacity with: 
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring marketing strategies and managing market intelligence
  • Directing and managing Sales, eCommerce and Sales-related functions in a high-growth business
  • Directing and managing a Customer Experience function
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft applications 
  • Hands-on experience with managing data from an ERP system 


Preferred Degrees
Bachelor of Science,
Bachelor of Arts,
Bachelor of Business Administration

Preferred Work Status
U.S. Citizen, 
U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)

Willingness to Travel

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or applying to the position, please visit job #349 on our careers website.

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