Things to Consider When Choosing a Recruiting Firm

Posted by Lynne Ballegeer on 10/21/13 11:16 PM

If you are a first or second year investment banking analyst, you will likely be bombarded by recruiting firms this Fall and Winter promising you placement next Summer, or even earlier.   We advise you to be sure to do your homework before sending your resume to a stranger. 

At Phoenix Group International, we take pride in ‘representing,’ not just presenting, our candidates to our clients. 

What does that mean to you as a candidate? 

We take the time to get to know you and your background, so we can tell the client even more about you than just what they read in your resume. 

Be wary because many recruiting firms will sell you a strong marketing message to get you to ‘sign-up’ with them.  Before you sign up with just any firm, make certain you are not checking a box that says they can send your resume anywhere, because they will. 

How do you avoid this? 

The question to ask, or better yet, to tell a recruiter is that you do not want your resume sent anywhere without your knowledge and permission. This way you are able to speak with the recruiter to see if the position is something you are looking for, and if you are, in fact, looking for an opportunity at that time.

Rest assured, at Phoenix Group International, we always share our client company information with candidates and obtain permission to send your resume.

Why do we do that? 

1)    To make sure you are educated in where your resume is going.
2)    To make sure you are interested in that particular firm.
3)    To make sure you are not already in process with that client.  If you are in process with the client, they may wonder why you are still looking and working with other recruiting firms. 

Phoenix Group International has proudly been representing applicants for private equity and investment banking opportunities for over 28 years. Integrity is behind the success of our business.   We invite you to contact us to speak with a recruiter on our team today.

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