Advice to Help You Ace Your Panel Interview

Posted by Steve Flynn on 9/25/13 2:20 PM

Are you interviewing for a position, and now you have to go to the final interview, which in many cases, is a panel interview?   Panel interviews can be very nerve-wracking for anyone. 

Why do companies conduct panel interviews?  Many times a company will have the decision makers on a panel interview, and they are all asking you different questions.  The reason companies do this is to see how you handle a high-pressure situation and to see if you fit in the company's culture.  Since this is a high-pressure environment, it's important to do your preparation well in advance so you can take control of the interview and be as clear and confident as possible.

Here are three tips to prepare for panel interviews:

  1. Be sure you get the names of the individuals you will be meeting with, and review their backgrounds on the company website or various professional networks.  This will help you find potential common interests to break the ice before the interview officially begins.
  2. When the interview starts, you need to pay attention to the entire panel.  Be sure and make eye contact with each panel member, but a little more focus should be placed on the individual who asked the question.  This helps show you are engaged with the entire group.
  3. Address each person by name and ask questions to engage the whole panel in the process.  This shows your level of interest that you have researched the job and the company.
We hope these tips have helped you better prepare for your panel interview.  For more tips, we invite you to subscribe to our blog!   If you're in the process of looking for other career opportunities, please feel free to view our website for the latest job opportunities from Phoenix Group International.
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