Reach for the Cloud: Phoenix Group Expands to Cloud Computing Sector

Posted by Elyse Meyer on 2/27/13 9:20 PM

Guest blog post written by Lisa Conti, recruiter with Phoenix Group International.

We are excited to announce that Phoenix Group International is now recruiting in the cloud computing sector.

2013 is going to be about the expansion of cloud computing, according to the analyst at Gartner.  Enterprise companies are looking to deploy IT services to the cloud and growth is expected to increase 37% according to a recent Info-Tech survey.  Server virtualization is now mainstream, with 58% of workloads virtualized in 2012.  Cloud options are proliferating as cloud companies provide highly agile and low capital cost options for outsourcing IT infrastructure.

Organizations outsource the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The cloud service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically pays on a per-use basis.  Businesses avoid significant capital expense of their computer and storage infrastructure.  Enterprises are able to outsource a portion of their IT infrastructure as needed to meet their capacity demands. 

Research companies, start-ups and design firms storage needs change significantly during various business cycles.  Cloud providers enable companies to use the amount of storage required when they need it and not pay for storage when their usage is low.

Investing in cloud computing is contributing to growth and job creation, according to a study by London School of Economics. Cloud is directly creating employment through the construction, staffing and supply of data centers, which will host the cloud. Using cloud computing enables businesses of all sizes to be more productive by freeing managerial staff and skilled employees to concentrate on more profitable areas of work.  As firms shift from proprietary application servers towards virtualization and cloud computing, related skills will be in demand among employers.  

Phoenix Group International is excited to be expanding our efforts into the cloud computing sector.  Our clients include start-up portfolio companies and consulting companies.  There is a proliferation of Cloud vendors finding a niche in this market experiencing explosive growth.  We have completed searches for Cloud sales professionals, Sales Engineers, Evangelists, Operations, Finance officers and a Data Center Manager.   Cloud computing ranks No. 1 on the CIO technology priority list for the year, according to a Gartner Research report. Gartner predicts an enterprise boom in cloud computing adoption in the coming years.

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