Six Things to Avoid at Your Next Job Interview

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 5/7/12 6:52 PM

At Phoenix Group International, we spend a great deal of time coaching individuals on how they can best prepare for an interview, and things to avoid as well.  These 6 tips are quick and easy things to remember before any job interview to make sure you make a great first impression.

Do Not Show Up Late To the Interview

Do everything you can to get to your job interview on time.  If there is no way that you can make it on time, be sure to call the interviewer, and do your best to reach them over the telephone.  If they don't receive any communication from you, and you are late to the interview, the interview is starting off on a very negative foot.

Don’t Show Up Unprepared - Do Your Research

It seems simple, but countless people go on job interviews knowing very little about the company they are interviewing with when all it would take is a simple Google search to find out. As a result, they end up asking obvious questions, which signal to the interviewer that they are too lazy to prepare. Be sure to research the company first, as well as the job description at the very least. 

Don't Ask About Your Benefits At First

Your initial interview with a company shouldn’t be about what the company can do for you, but what you can do for the company. Which means the interview isn’t the time to ask about the severance package, vacation time or health plan. Instead you should be selling yourself as to why the company can’t live without you.

Don't Focus On Your Next Promotion 

The job interview is not the time or place to ask about advancement opportunities or how to become the CEO. You need to be interested in the job you are actually interviewing for. If you are consistently talking about jobs that are in the future, this signals to the interviewer that you are just looking at this position as a stepping stone into the company, and will try to move internally as soon as that opportunity is available.

Don’t Turn The Weakness Question Into A Positive

I thought this was a good take on the ago-old question of how to respond to the, "So what is your weakness?" question.  This is something to keep in mind, and mentally prepare for in advance.   These questions do sneak into the interview conversation, and, typically cause a moment of stress.  Best to always be prepared for this - but come across honest, unrehearsed and sincere.

Don’t Lie On Your Resume

Many people think its ok to exaggerate their experience or fib about a firing on a job interview, but lying can be a surefire way not to get hired. Even if you get through the interview process with your half truths, chances are you won’t be equipped to handle the job you were hired to do. Not to mention the more you lie the more likely you are to slip up.

We hope you find these tips useful.  Please share your comments and advice for job seekers as well.  We look forward to your feedback!

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