Resume Series Part #2: The Important Five

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/26/12 6:09 PM

Your resume should not only give the reader an idea of your job skills and responsibilities, but should give them a feeling of how much you have accomplished and your value to the company and the position.

There are at least five areas you should consider when describing your contributions:

  • Analytical Ability
  • Intellect
  • Leadership Potential
  • Communication Skills
  • Achievements/Accomplishments/Results

Phrase your job responsibilities and duties as accomplishments in a results-oriented manner. It is the key to making a resume the best it can be. Use numbers, percentages, dollar signs, and before-after comparisons to quantify your results.

Below are some examples for your reference:

Good: Responsible for the daily operations of plant

Better: Management of plant operations led to a 20% increase in productivity; the 2nd highest in plant history


Good: Supervised team of 20 programmers on project

Better: Supervised 20 programmers on project that finished early and under budget


Good: Decreased customer complaints by 10%

Better: Implemented a customer service program that decreased customer complaints by 10%; a decrease of 5% more than during any of the previous 24 months

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