The State of Current Electronic Recruiting Job Boards

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 9/24/11 5:50 PM

Over the past few months, we have been inundated with every version of internet recruiting possibility.  If we have been experiencing this type of email marketing, we can only assume that you are, as well.  So here are our thoughts on the matter.

At Phoenix Group International, we research and test every type of “new age” recruitment and sourcing opportunity that is sent to us.  This is to keep abreast of the state of recruiting currently, and to see if any of these sources are viable for this industry.

While at first glance these sources appear to provide alternative methods of recruiting for very low cost, we firmly believe the following

Just Doesn’t Apply to this Industry

Very few of these sources – if any – actually fit our industry.  In fact, if you try to choose from their menus for industry and job categories – they don’t even have our categories to choose from.  If you do put in key words for our industry – you consistently come up with ‘0 matches’.  So while there are many recruiting sources out there, they work for the more generic jobs categories outside our industry.

Internal Resources Required

The time it takes to work and update these sources requires a battalion of staff to effectively manage this process.  And then one needs to question, does the time and personnel involved equal the candidates identified.


We work in a niche industry with very specialized talent.  Because of this, together with the need for the best candidate, not just the candidates looking for positions, there is still a specific need for traditional recruitment.  As recruiters specializing in this marketplace, we have the depth of candidates who continually work with us based on our professionalism and integrity

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