It's Time for Your Own Career Check List

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 12/17/14 8:00 AM

Since we are now in the fourth quarter, it's time for you to do a 'Career Self Check'.  Just like organizations go through the performance review and compensation process, you should be performing the same rigorous review on yourself.  At this time, we strongly encourage you to review your background on our Phoenix Group International website to make sure it is current.  If you need to, please login and upload your current resume

As you look at yourself and your career for 2015 and beyond, here are some important questions you should be asking yourself about where you want to be in your career.

Career Check List:

  • What are my career goals for 2015? 
  • What are my longer-term career goals for the next 5 years? 
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6 Tips to Get You a Response from Employers & Recruiters

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 11/15/12 12:00 PM

Writing a resume requires attention to detail, and making yourself stand out from the crowd.  One part that seems like a simple area of focus is the contact information section. Your contact information is the most important part of your resume, as this is the only means employers have to reach you for an interview.  How can you make your contact information employer friendly?

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Six Things to Avoid at Your Next Job Interview

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 5/7/12 6:52 PM

At Phoenix Group International, we spend a great deal of time coaching individuals on how they can best prepare for an interview, and things to avoid as well.  These 6 tips are quick and easy things to remember before any job interview to make sure you make a great first impression.

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Resume Series Part #5: Typographical Recommendations

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/18/12 8:02 PM

Welcome to the final blog post of our resume series!  This week, we are discussing typographical recommendations to make sure that employers are seeing all of the information on your resume.  

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Resume Series Part #4: Keywords

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/12/12 9:00 PM

Think about the skills and requirements of the job and determine what key words an employer might be seeking in a resume. As opposed to the traditional resume where we focus on action verbs, the scannable resume must focus on key nouns and phrases that might be used as search terms.

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Resume Series Part #3: The Electronic Resume

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/4/12 9:23 PM

Before you begin sending resumes electronically, you must first find out the format the employer can and will accept your resume. Many employers are hesitant to open attachments because of possible computer viruses. There is also the headache of equipment or software incompatibility - for example, having to convert MAC documents to PC documents and vice versa. Read the job posting carefully to determine the format the employer would like to receive your resume.

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Resume Series Part #2: The Important Five

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/26/12 6:09 PM

Your resume should not only give the reader an idea of your job skills and responsibilities, but should give them a feeling of how much you have accomplished and your value to the company and the position.

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Resume Series Part #1: Preparing Your Resume

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/20/12 8:39 PM

Your resume is one of the most important tools in your career search strategy. It is often the first image of you that employers will see. It serves as a marketing device for your job candidacy. You should take great care in preparing your resume, paying attention not only to the content but also to formats, grammar, and spelling. The goal of a resume is to stress the strengths and accomplishments that set you apart from others seeking similar employment opportunities, and to get you that first interview.

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