Top 4 Tips for Women to Reach Their Career Goals

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 2/5/19 10:00 AM

There are some industries where leadership is still predominantly comprised of men. This doesn’t always mean it’s harder for women to advance, but you need to be proactive when you decide to seek new prospects. Of course, this is good advice even if you aren’t in a male-dominated field. If you’re ready to take charge of your life and start moving forward — whether you’re going for a promotion, making a career switch, or even starting your own business — use these tips to make that next step a reality.

Tip #1 - Market Yourself Wisely

  • Create Your Personal Brand: When you start your own business, part of the planning stage is developing your brand. Having a brand is no longer limited to business owners, though. You want to create a personal brand so potential employers know who you are and what you can offer. According to Northeastern University, the key to building your personal brand is to define who you are as a professional. Ask yourself what your best skills are, which projects motivate you, and where you expect to go in the future.
  • Tailor Your Online Reputation: Your personal brand is primarily created through your online presence. Start crafting that presence by being active in online communities in your field. Remember that your personal brand is impacted by your entire online presence too, not just the spaces where you engage professionally. Before applying for new jobs, it’s important to make sure your online reputation reflects a positive image because many employers use social media as a way to find out more about applicants. An easy way to develop a good online brand is to get the help of a reputation management company. Their job is to contract with writers who create a large quantity of online content for you, including blog posts, press releases, and articles, that demonstrate your volunteer work, awards, and other accomplishments.
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New Position: Managing Director - Energy Technology & Renewable Group

Posted by Steve Flynn on 5/19/14 10:46 AM

This position has been filled. 
If you're interested in viewing our current open positions, click here.


Our client is the leading specialty finance company focused on providing senior secured loans to venture capital-backed companies in technology-related markets, including technology, biotechnology, life science, and energy & renewable technology industries, at all stages of development. Since its inception, our client has committed more than $4.2 billion to over 270 companies and is the lender of choice for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms seeking growth capital financing.  Learn more on our website.

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New Position Available: Vice President, Business Development

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/24/14 8:27 AM

Vice President, Business Development

We have a new position available for a Vice President, Business Development with a private equity firm located in Dallas, Texas. 

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New Position Available: Investment Banking Associate in the Bay Area

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/22/14 9:26 AM

Our client is seeking an Investment Banking Associate in the Bay Area.  We invite you to learn more about this career opportunity, and apply to Job #163 on our website if you are interested.

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Have you heard about Phoenix Group International's referral program?

Posted by Steve Flynn on 12/4/13 12:55 PM

Have you heard about Phoenix Group International's referral program?  In the last five placements that our firm, Phoenix Group International, has made, three of the positions were filled with individuals referred to our recruiting firm by other individuals.  So first, we want to thank you for your referrals!  Our clients have been very impressed by the caliber of talent, and their new hires are thrilled in their positions!

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Recruiting Firm

Posted by Lynne Ballegeer on 10/21/13 11:16 PM

If you are a first or second year investment banking analyst, you will likely be bombarded by recruiting firms this Fall and Winter promising you placement next Summer, or even earlier.   We advise you to be sure to do your homework before sending your resume to a stranger. 

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3 Reasons to Use a Contingency Recruiting Firm

Posted by Steve Flynn on 8/29/13 12:45 PM

Why should you consider using a contingency-based recruiting firm when finding your next top talent?  

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Reach for the Cloud: Phoenix Group Expands to Cloud Computing Sector

Posted by Elyse Meyer on 2/27/13 9:20 PM

Guest blog post written by Lisa Conti, recruiter with Phoenix Group International.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruiter

Posted by Steve Flynn on 12/24/12 9:13 AM

Remember that recruiters can hold the keys to the hidden jewels of the job market including jobs you may not be aware of, and may not even be posted. Use them and they may just open the door to a new career opportunity. What I have learned working behind the scenes is the important role a recruiter can play in a person's career path. Even if you are not looking now, you may need their help later, so this applies to those who are happy with their careers, as well as those looking for a new opportunity. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use a recruiter. 


  1. Hidden Job Market. I said earlier that recruiters hold the hidden jewels of the job market, and here they are – undisclosed jobs. Many times, especially with Sr. level positions, companies have confidential roles that are for restricted eyes only. Companies then turn to recruiters for help with these positions. 
  2. Connections, Connections, Connections. Recruiters have clout with hiring managers and sr. level executives, and many of us do not have those connections. You send your resume to numerous companies, and post your resume on various job sites, but oftentimes never hear back. Recruiters have the connections to not only get you in the door, but also get feedback – whether positive or negative. A recruiter can guarantee that you won’t be just another resume in a pile; you will be sent to the manager who will review your resume. 
  3. Advice on Expertise. Are you underpaid? Overpaid? Are you ready for your next role? Are your technical skills up to par? There are a number of questions that can help you make an informed decision when it comes to strategic career planning, and a recruiter is a great resource to utilize. They can help you find answers and ask questions that will guide you to the right job and the right steps to take in order to advance your career. Best of all, this information is free, unbiased and essential when determining your position and worth in today’s job market.
  4. Same Goal in Mind. You and your recruiter have the same goal, and that is to make sure you are putting your best foot forward, meeting the right people, and hopefully getting you an ideal role that is a perfect fit for both you and your future employer. They're on your side. 
  5. Long-Term Partner. Let’s say you found a recruiter, you find a job (whether it was their role or not), and you are now perfectly content, remember this may not always be the case. Come 3-5 years down the line you may decide to try your hands at a new company/role again. Or you may spend the rest of your days in the company you are working for, but may need advice when it comes to compensation, employee rights, etc… You now have an ally that is there for you to utilize. Recruiters (meaning legitimate, professional recruiters) are in it for the long haul. They are in the business of building relationships with both candidates and clients, and making sure both parties are equally satisfied. Therefore you not only gain a new role, but you also gain an important ally to guide you through your current and future career path.
Thinking of working with a recruiter to help you find your next career opportunity?  Contact a recruiter at Phoenix Group today.
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6 Tips to Get You a Response from Employers & Recruiters

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 11/15/12 12:00 PM

Writing a resume requires attention to detail, and making yourself stand out from the crowd.  One part that seems like a simple area of focus is the contact information section. Your contact information is the most important part of your resume, as this is the only means employers have to reach you for an interview.  How can you make your contact information employer friendly?

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