Resume Series Part #5: Typographical Recommendations

Posted by Steve Flynn on 4/18/12 8:02 PM

Welcome to the final blog post of our resume series!  This week, we are discussing typographical recommendations to make sure that employers are seeing all of the information on your resume.  

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Resume Series Part #1: Preparing Your Resume

Posted by Steve Flynn on 3/20/12 8:39 PM

Your resume is one of the most important tools in your career search strategy. It is often the first image of you that employers will see. It serves as a marketing device for your job candidacy. You should take great care in preparing your resume, paying attention not only to the content but also to formats, grammar, and spelling. The goal of a resume is to stress the strengths and accomplishments that set you apart from others seeking similar employment opportunities, and to get you that first interview.

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The State of Current Electronic Recruiting Job Boards

Posted by Joanne Flynn on 9/24/11 5:50 PM

Over the past few months, we have been inundated with every version of internet recruiting possibility.  If we have been experiencing this type of email marketing, we can only assume that you are, as well.  So here are our thoughts on the matter.

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